Heart disease remains one of the world's deadliest diseases, heart disease is also common in adult men who are not adopting a healthy lifestyle. With early detection, heart disease can reduce the risk even overcome the disease. 

Women are also not immune from heart disease because according to the health study, the risk of heart disease in women experiencing delays of 10 years with symptoms such as abdominal pain, muscle tension and digestive problems are often considered as an ordinary disease. 

Usually the symptoms of heart disease in women is heart pounding (palpitations) caused by stress, anxiety and hormonal imbalance. 

Preventation is better than cure. 
a doctor said that normalizes the content of iron in the blood is one way to prevent heart disease, and the best way is to consume healthy vegetables like spinach. Spinach contains high iron and can be used as remedies to treat heart disease. The best way to consume spinach is to eat it raw or make smoothies and routinely performed in the morning and afternoon. 

Here's a simple way to make a smoothie spinach:
  • Healthy spinach, fresh watercress washed. 
  • Sliced. 
  • Then blender with a little water.

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