Rice straw is a traditional ingredient that can make hair black, beautiful and lush, rice straw is also often used by the royal daughter in the care of her hair. 

The traditional way to treat hair using rice straw has long been known in Indonesia, is evidenced by the many hair care with basic ingredients rice straw. 

If you want to try to treat hair using rice straw, you can follow this simple tips:
  • Prepare some dry rice straw belt. 
  • Bake in a pottery container. 
  • Add water into the pottery container and stir. 
  • Let stand for one day. 
  • Put outdoors at night in order to hit the dew. 
  • The next day take the clear water of rice straw. 
  • Then use to shampoo every day. 

If the routine is done, hair treatments using rice straw will make black hair, lush and beautiful.

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