Natural Cleansing from This Healthy Yam Fruit is Amazing

Healthy skin always become a dream for every women on this planet, somehow a treatment for skin is already exist from long time ago. On the egyptian culture, women must have beautiful skin for charming a man, as a symbol off beauty skin care treatment becoming trend to every women in this planet's.

This healthy fruit, content allot of natural cleaners that's skin needed, specially for regenerated. Many beauty care store made a skin treatment from this fruit and become a great sales and generated fortune for the owner.

This fruit call yam bean, life in tropical climates and growth in Asian mainland. Had brown skin and white inside and also content a lot off water. In Indonesia it call bengkuang, very easy to find in traditional market and the price is very cheap. If you intended to make a skin treatment from this yam fruit, this following tips can be useful


  • Yam fruit 100 gram
  • Strainer

How to make it:
  • Skin yam fruit and wash it clean
  • Blenders the fruit until smooth
  • Strain smooth yam in to a bowl
  • Scrub it in to a skin and let it dry
  • Wash the skin with warm water
  • Do it everyday for better results

Besides skin treatment, health benefits from yam fruit is amazing for some disease. For example, to clean uterus and hot inside the body. If you have an issue about health above, just try to consume yam fruit, is tasty, juicy, healthy and worth to try.

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