10 Health Benefits of Leeks for Maintaining Body

Health benefits of leeks - Leek which has Latin Allium fistulosum is one of the spices that is almost always present in every Indonesian cuisine. Ranging from an omelet, fried egg martabak, until soup. Sometimes also used as a seasoning powder as in soup. However, the benefits of leeks are not only limited to food but also for health and beauty.

such as onions and garlic, leeks also has a distinctive aroma. Scents arouse your appetite. And behind the distinctive aroma that saved the greatest health benefits. Leek good for heart health and boosting the immune system. Furthermore, the leek is also good for people with diabetes, anemia, antibacterial and rich in antioxidants.

Not just for health, herbs this one is also beneficial to the world of beauty. Among others, the program can help slimming, remove acne, prevent premature aging, brighten and rejuvenate the skin. Can also be used as a hair mask to cope with damaged hair.

To get the leek is not difficult. This vegetable is widely available in supermarkets and traditional markets. To be durable, chives should be stored in the refrigerator with its roots intact. If the roots are cut, it will quickly rot.

What makes the leek is valuable? Surely compounds in it. Plants that are included in the family Alliaceae.

Leeks contains:

  • High vitamins A, K and C  
  • Folic acid
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber 
  • Low in calories

The good news for you who are fond of eating food with scallion, because it turns out the herbs are very good for health.

10 health benefits of leeks

10 Health Benefits of Leeks

1. Maintaining eye health

The eye is one of the members of the body becomes very important senses. So we have to maintain their health. Not only carrots, apples and tomatoes are good for the eyes, scallion, too. In one leek leaf stems are pro-vitamin A content of as much as 24 mg. This amount is sufficient 2.6% of the required daily intake of 3.4% of men and women need.

2. Good for pregnant women

Leek contains folic acid is quite high. Folic acid is needed by pregnant women to optimize fetal development and improve intelligence. Pregnant women who will be vulnerable miscarriage folate deficiency and fatigue.

3. Maintaining bone health

The bones that make up an important part of human body. Therefore, we must always maintain their health in order to be able to move freely and unimpeded. In addition to calcium, leeks also contain vitamin C and K is good for the bones.

4. Boost your immune system

Leeks contain high antioxidant quercetin and kemferfol. Both substances are good for the skin and can increase the body's overall immunity. Because it is very good to fight diseases such as colds, fever, and flu. There are also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-virus that helps the body fight bacteria, so avoid infection.

5. Healthy digestion

Healthy digestion is essential to preserve. Because that's where the beginning of the process of absorption of nutrients contained in the food. Leek can help a healthy digestive system because the fiber content is high enough. Moreover, it can also address issues such as constipation

6. Rich in minerals, low in calories

Seasoning dish that is rich in minerals, especially iron and potassium. Iron is needed in the formation of red blood cells. Very nice consumed by patients with anemia. While helpful potassium to regulate body fluid levels, maintain heart function, and prevent muscle cramps. As with other vegetables, leek is also low in calories.

7. Healthy heart

These vegetables are good for your heart health. This is thanks to cycloalliin compounds contained therein. This compound serves to thin the blood to prevent clotting. It also reduces the risk of atherosclerotic disease.

8. Preventing diabetes

Leek is also beneficial for preventing diabetes. It is thanks to the content of phyto-chemicals present in it, namely allyl disulphide and allium. Both of these substances to prevent degradation of insulin in the body and improve glucose metabolism.

9. Treat worms

Affected children tend to be thin and worms usually less active. To treat it can use chives. The trick, let alone food containing leeks. But it would be nice if given a soup containing leeks for compounds in it are still intact rather than on how to cook fried dishes.

10. Improve the quality of sleep

The sleep quality is very influential on health. Getting a good quality sleep means getting back in shape which has been used for a full day activity. Consuming leeks can improve sleep quality, depression preventing and controlling homocysteine.

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