Healthy Porridge Recipe For Start A Day

Breakfast is the most important meal for start a day, we also knows that soybean and oat meals can be a good way to profiled a healthy breakfast. For some workers in Asia, having a breakfast with a rice is very influence for their powers, that's way this carbohydrate bean is necessary needed when breakfast time come.

If you don't like this rice to be a breakfast meal, you can consider a porridge as a breakfast. A healthy porridge can be made easily with some healthy vegetables to mix in it. If you want to know how to made a healthy rice porridge, this recipe can be useful.

healthy porridge recipe

Healthy porridge recipe

Gredients :
Candy corn 1 pieces
Sugar 150 grams
Salt 1 teaspoon
Pandan leaves 1 sheet
Diluted coconut milk 600 ml

materials the porridge marrow :
Rice flour 200 grams
coconut milk thick 300 ml
water 700 ml
Salt 1 teaspoon
Pandan leaves 2 pieces
Liquid brown sugar 150 ml

How to cook healthy porridge  :
Corn dough:
These parts are cooked in a single container, liquid coconut milk, corn that has been combed, salt, pandan leaves and sugar. And stir except blended. As soon as cooked, removed pandan leaves, then combination until soft.
Rice Porridge : mix rice flour and thick coconut milk, stirring except evenly allotted.
Boil water, salt, and pandan leaves to boil. Then, insert the corn dough and porridge marrow, stirring except blended and thickened.
Pour the Porridge Marrow with sweet Corn into bowl with slowly. Sprinkle with a few grains of corn as a garnish.
5. Add liquid purple sugar in line with style.

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